Aristotle concluded that what we seek most in life - is happiness. That happiness is in fact the ‘supreme good for man’ - the thing that we are all after. And that happiness is simply sought after for its own sake - with no other goal in mind.

We seek happiness to in fact achieve happiness. But every other goal we reach for - beauty, money, success, power, intelligence, love, pleasure - is sought after not for its own sake - but because we believe it will in fact bring us happiness. 

Happiness is hard to define. And I believe that is because happiness looks different for each of us. But ideas that stay consistent when thinking about happiness include contentment, joy, and pleasure. Nothing short of ‘the good life’ or ‘the supreme good for man’. 

We are all specifically unique. We have different needs. Different wants. Different values that guide us in life. We have different interests. Different talents. And different, unique, beautiful gifts to offer the world. But we all require a different structure to our lives in order to support these gifts properly.

That is my goal. To help each and every one of us (myself included) do the work necessary to build a life unique to each of us. A life on our own terms.

I believe that building a life on your own terms - a life that supports you to become the fullest expression of who you truly are - to meet your unique fullest potential - takes work. It requires building and breaking habits. Creating an environment that supports you properly. It requires you to approach life in a ritualistic way where you set up a foundation specifically for you - and use that as your bedrock, your compass moving forward. 

The work begins with finding out who we truly are. 

When we peel away the parts of ourselves that have been imposed on us by others - the should be’s and supposed to’s - what we are left with is just simply…ourself. A non-tainted, non-diluted, more authentic version of who we really are. The truest, version of YOU. 

At first, this version of yourself can feel a bit sparse - a bit empty - a bit naked. This is where the work really gets fun. You have put in so much trust, commitment, and love into peeling away the not-so-you layers of yourself. 

And now it is time to figure out who you really are. 

What do YOU want? 

What do YOU need?

What do YOU value? 

We will uncover what you want, need, and value to become the fullest, most expressed version of yourself. A person that is no longer watered down by the wants, needs, and values of others. But a person who lives and breathes on their own terms. 

Through uncovering this person that already exists within you - we can unlock your true potential. We will uncover your deepest passions, your unique gifts, and the non negotiable values that will stand as your compass moving forward in life. 

I am so grateful that you are here. My goal is to do nothing but serve you to the best of my ability in this journey. Because what you need, you already have. And what you already have, you need. Lets begin.