Monday Meditation: Drop who you are. Who are you becoming?


Often times we get stuck because we have a hard time answering a simple question:

Who am I? 

The reason this question can be so hard to answer is because we are hanging on to the person we were in the past. The person we are today, as a result of the things we have have experienced. 

But how often do we decide to drop the past - and instead look towards the future?

Who Am I Becoming? 

You are not defined by your past circumstances, your past fears, or your past ideas. Your present state is not a result of the past. Your present state is exactly what you choose to make it. 

The next time you get hung up, feel stuck, or completely lost - take a moment to drop the past - even drop your understanding of the present - and instead think towards to person you want to become. The business you want to build. The life you want to cultivate. 

When we start focusing on where we want to go, where we have been slowly fades from focus...