how to find true passion in your career



We are often let a stray by the idea of following our passions. It is often said that if you follow your passion, you will automatically love what you do. This idea implies that a deep love for what you do should be enough to sustain you for life. But as I have discovered over the years, we need a bit more than love to build our dream jobs. This is not to say that passion is not important. But to have a career that gives you great fulfillment, there may be more that we need to investigate than just passion alone. True passion for something goes much deeper than simple loving what you are doing. 

Lately, I have see a boost in marketing around the idea of potential. When employers are advertising for a new position, it is often advertised that there is great potential for growth. That growth may be financial growth, or just a means of moving up through the ranks of the company. Either way, growth seems to be a big factor driving the job market. 

Today, my argument is, that to take a career from something you enjoy doing, to something you are deeply passionate about, you need purpose. Just enjoying something is not enough to sustain you day in and day out. You need to find a deeper purpose from what you are doing. That may be helping others, having an economic impact, spread the word about an important piece of information. Even if you love the day to day tasks that your job requires, that will only sustain you for so long if you do not have a deeper underlying purpose to what you are doing. 

I see this same idea being true for the topic of potential. You can love what you do, and have a deeper purpose for doing those things, but what happens over time? Even with a deeper purpose, if we are doing something repetitively day to day, we can grow stagnant. Or ever just comfortable. One of the most amazing things about being human is out potential for growth. To grow our minds, out abilities, and our overall understanding of everything around us and within us. So I stand to argue that to be truly passionate and fulfilled, you not only need a deeper purpose, but also potential for growth. You need to feel that you are moving in an upward direction one way or another. 

When you think about these concepts, your dream job sounds rather dreamy, huh? A job where you love you day to day tasks, you find a deeper purpose and therefor fulfillment for what you do, and you have the potential for growth whether that be growth of skills of growth of mind. 

But shouldn't this just be common sense? Why do so many of us struggle to find passion in our daily lives, especially when it comes to work? And how often do you hear of someone quitting their job, to pursue what they love, to only find themselves empty, broken and unfulfilled soon after? 

There must be some weight to this idea of passion being more than just love or enjoyment. Or maybe we just need ofter factors to come into play along with passion, to find greater fulfillment in our lives. 

True passion goes deeper than just surface level enjoyment. You must also find deep purpose and potential to have a career that will sustain your wellbeing for the long haul.