monday meditation: why do we feel low on energy sometimes?


Just like all things in nature, our bodies work in cycles.

Sometimes we experience times of high-energy and other times we may experience low-energy. Energy ebbs and flows.

It is important to recognize and honor our bodies in these times of low energy. When we are feeling low, it may mean we need to recharge in one way or another. 

We can also distinguish between physical and mental energy. We can be low on physical energy, but high on mental energy, and vice versa. 

If we listen to our bodies we can distinguish where our energy is low, and cater to it accordingly. 

Women tend to recognize this natural flow of energy more so than men due to our monthly cycles. There are times that we are naturally higher in energy, and times that we are operating at a lower level. 

Whether your energy level is high or low, you can still experience positivity.

With a high energy level, you can experience excitement and joy. When you are low on energy you may experience more peace and calm. Both are amazing for your body and mind. Learn to listen to your body, and you can learn to cultivate postitive emotions regardless of your energy level. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for tips to energize your morning when you are feeling low on energy.