midweek meditation: where did all the fun go?


At some point throughout human history we decided that play was only for kids. That imagination ended somewhere during adolescence. And that as we aged, we had to leave the fun behind, and get serious about life. 

The funny part is - that play is really the key to human happiness.

Play is key for creativity, innovation, perk performance, and overall life satisfaction. 

It is within the depths of play that our brain releases neurochemical rewards. Feel good chemicals like dopamine that not only make us feel amazing, but open up our senses, tighten our focus, and help us to make deep connections between our subconscious and reality. 

Some of the biggest breakthroughs throughout human history have happened in the bathtub, on a walk, or catching a big wave. When we stop, and play, our brains shift gears, allowing us to be creative, innovative, operate at our very best, and find true life satisfaction. 

So where did all the fun go? 

Why did we decide that adults no longer had time to play? 

If we want to access the best possible versions of ourselves, we need to turn work into play - not remove play from our working lives.

Without play, we lose motivation. We lose sight of our passions. We lose the very reason we do what we do. And in turn, become less of a person that we would otherwise be. 

Play is a key component to finding greater happiness in life. Learn to embrace play again. Get lost in make believe. And remember that anything is possible with a little imagination.