tips to energize your morning when you are feeling low on energy


We all have those morning where we are just exhausted and completely low on energy. Even if we really don't have a reason to be.

Our bodies - especially women - work in cycles. Sometimes we are in an up-cycle, other times a down-cycle. Others may be effected by the weather - feeling run down when it is rainy or cold outside.

Whatever your reason for being low on energy, I have some of my favorite hacks to super charge your morning, to get you back on track. 

Remember that it is important to listen to your body. Learn where your low energy is coming from - mental or physical - and you can support it accordingly. You can be low on mental energy, but high on physical energy - and vise versa. 

Sometimes when our bodies are completely broken down, these hacks will have little effect. When one of those times arises, know that rest is going to be the only thing to get you back where you need to be. 

01. Start slow.

When we are tired - we often times try to force ourselves into all of the things we have to get done for the day.

Even when we are run down - life still keeps going, with or without us. Many people will try to force their way through everything as quickly as possible, so they can then rest. 

But this can actually be very counter productive when you are feeling a bit down in the dumps. Trying to hit the ground running when you are already feeling exhausted, will just exhaust you more - especially mentally. 

When you wake up low on energy - instead of trying to jump right into your day, try easing into things to slowly bring up your energy levels. Start with something gentle and easy on the body. 

Some ideas include: an easy yoga session, meditation, listening to some soothing music, taking a hot shower (or bath!), or reading a book. 

Do not think about all of the things you have to accomplish for the day - but rather just focus on being kind to your body and mind - and ease into the day in whatever way feels best. 

02. Stand up.

When you are ready to start working - or need to start working - consider working in a standing position. 

When we are already drained, sitting down can just make us want to curl up and take a nap under our desk. But standing up forces us to be alert, and gets our blood flowing. 

Now this may seem impossible at first - especially if you work in an office space - but try to get creative. I like to use bar tops - any bar top I can find. I am lucky to have one in my home - and often times many coffee shops do as well. Pull chairs out of the way, and stand at the bar top. 

In an office setting, you may have one in your break room, or kitchen. If not - just try to find something higher than your desk - a filing cabinet, a low shelf, the printer. You can always prop your computer up with a few books. 

I know you may feel silly at first - and your body may not be too pleased with you. But push through the initial discomfort for just a bit. Your blood will start flowing - and you will start feeling yourself slowly coming back to life. 

Trust me - it works every time for me - give it a try! 

If standing up is too physically exhausting, then you know that your low energy level can only be cured by some much needed R&R. 

03. Get moving.

When you wake up low on energy, the last thing you want to do is get a workout in. But getting up and moving can be one of the best ways to get your energy flowing again - and to break you out of your funk. 

This does not mean you need to go for a 5 mile run, or take that 60 minute boot camp class at the gym. Instead try a gentle walk around the block with your dog and a hot cup of coffee. Or maybe a gentle yoga session.

The idea here is to gently get your body up and moving. Nothing forced. And no guilt. You can always get a better workout in later when you are feeling a bit more energized. 

04.  Cut yourself some slack. 

When we wake up low on energy, we can be so hard on ourselves. It is our fault that we didn't sleep well. It is our fault that we let the rain effect our mood. But this is not going to up our energy level, or be productive in any way. 

Instead, cut yourself some slack. 

You are human. We all are. That means you get tired. You get run down. And sometimes, you just need a break. Forgive yourself for these times, and learn to recognize what may be causing your low energy. 

If we can begin to recognize low energy triggers ahead of time, it will help us prevent feeling that way in the future. 

If you get run down when you PMS - try amping up vitamins, get extra sleep, and back off your normal work out routine. 

If the rain gets you down in the dumps - try finding the positives about the rain before you go to bed at night. Your flowers are going to bloom. You can skip washing the car. It smells great. The soothing sounds of the rain on the window. If you go to bed with a positive mindset about the rain, you will wake up in a much better mood. 

Above all else, give yourself a break. Somedays you will feel like superwoman, others you will just want to pull the covers over your head and hide. And both of those are OK. 

By stressing ourselves out about not being at the top of our game - we are only going to exhaust ourselves more - especially mentally. So cut yourself some slack to avoid any additional unneeded stress. 

05. Drink something hot.

Even if you are not a coffee person, there is something so soothing about drinking something warm. Try coffee, hot tea, hot water and lemon (detoxing!), or even a hot chocolate if you need that extra boost that will make you smile. 

Hot drinks are soothing, and a lot of them will help wake us up. If nothing else, they may just help soothe your stress about being low on energy - and eliminating your negative thoughts about how you are feeling, can make you feel much better immediately. 

06. Ditch the screens. 

I am not a huge fan of TV to begin with - and one of the worst things you can do when you are feeling low on energy is to sit down and stare at the TV. Mindlessly staring at the television, or your phone, or your tablet will only drain you further. 

Now once you get to work, you may not have a choice - so try to keep your morning screen-free. Read a good book if you have some extra time - or crank up some up-beat music to get your heart pumping. 

Leave the screens for working hours - skip them when it comes to your morning routine. 

07. Talk to someone. 

Interaction with others is a sure way to boost our energy. If you are feeling drained - try giving someone all call on your way to work - or catch up with a co-worker for a few minutes over a cup of coffee. 

Giving yourself even just a few minutes to interact with someone else can immediately boost your mood, and break you out of your low energy funk. 

Most often, just thinking about how we are low on energy, makes us feel even more exhausted. Talking to someone can break up this thinking, and can help snap us back to life. 

08. Do something nice for yourself. 

Whether we are physically or mentally exhausted - doing something nice for yourself can give you a huge boost. 

This can be something as simple as getting yourself a nice coffee from your favorite coffee shop on your way to work. Or as elaborate as taking the day off and spending it at the spa. 

Most of us spend the majority of our lives worrying about other people. This worrying is often times plays a big factor as to why we are low on energy. 

To break this constant cycle of worrying about others - do something nice for yourself. And for that time, only worry about you

This act of kindness to yourself can give you a huge positivity boost that will help bring your energy levels back up. 

09. Honor your body. 

Sometimes, there is nothing we can do about feeling low. When this happens, recognize that your body just needs rest - and give it rest. Period.