monday motivation: begin again

Every ending brings an emptiness. It is our choice to get lost in this space, or begin to fill it up again. 

Every ending is an opportunity to start something new. 

Endings come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes ends come as the natural cause of completing something. Other times, we may meet an end after failure. 

But with each end, there comes a space to start something new. When something ends - there is a brief moment of emptiness. The tiny space between when on thing finishes, and another could potentially begin. 

It is our choice whether we want to see this moment as space that is now empty - or space that can be filled up. 

The hardest end to overcome is the one that follows failure. It is easy to see only the emptiness that it leaves in its wake. A goal not met. An experience left unfinished. An idea never brought to life. 

When failure brings us to our knees - it is easy to give up. To want to hide in that tiny space in between and not face the question of what to do next. 

But even in these moments, there is the opportunity for us to seize the space to begin something new. Even if that means to begin the same thing again. And again. 

All it takes is a shift in perspective. 

If things are not going how you want right now - remember that every day ends. And with every ending is an opportunity to start something new. Lets beginning again today.