what I read in january


What are your reading goals for 2018? 

My goal this year is to read at least one book a week. Already ahead of schedule. Five books down this month - and already onto the second for February.

01. The Rise of Superman - Steven Kotler

Started off the year with an amazing book on human potential. This book follows action and adventure sports athletes and the frontier science of "flow" - an optimal state of consciousness where we perform, function, and feel at our very best (think about when you are "in the zone"). 

This was a very high energy book that really had me questioning potential. Not just the potential of the human body when it comes to these actions and adventure athletes - but even how all of us are falling short on just a daily basis to live at our own individual optimal potential. 

02. You are a Badass at Making Money - Jen Sincero

To say this was a shift in gears after reading The Rise of Superman - is a massive understatement. But I really enjoyed Jen's book - You are a Badass - so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with her next book. 

Ultimately I love Jen's humor and writing style. She tells it how it is - yet is constructive and gives you real life examples and action steps. That is where I feel a lot of self help books fall short. They get us all jazzed up (which is an important first step) but then we can be left with a feeling of - what now?  

If you are ready for a much needed kick in the pants to jumpstart your money making potential - give this book a try. 

03. Modern Mindfulness - Rohan Gunatillake 

A refreshingly contemporary take on mindfulness. For those of you who have tried meditation and failed - this is the book for you. Rohan turns a lot of what we think meditation is, on its head.

He gives a ways to incorporate meditation into our REAL lives. Lives that are fast, on the move, and powered by screens. 

Mindfulness can be a part of every moment of our day. We do not need to be shut in a dark room in silence for an hour - and Rohan shows us how. 

04. Now What? Know who your are. Get what you want. 90 Days to a new life direction. - Laura Berman Fortang

 A revolutionary book in self help. This is by no means a new book - but it was the first time I have dug into a book by Laura. 

If you do not know what is next - if you are unhappy in your job, have quit your job, are jobless. Or even wondering what to do about the state of a relationship, health issue, or just about anything else. This book will change your life. 

Too many of us go through life never really knowing what it is that we want to do. But Laura shows us how that is the problem. We need to focus less on what we want to do, and more on who we want to be. 

Now I have heard before how you need to focus on your why - why you do what you do - why you want to do something else. But that never hit deep enough for me. When I really took the time to focus on the person I wanted to be - rather on what I wanted to do - things really opened up. 

I could go on forever about this book. But if you are feeling confused or lost. Read. This. Book. Now. 

05. Women who think too much - Susan Nolan-Hoeksema, Ph.D

I ended the month with a remarkable book about how all of us - but women especially - overthink. And I can say that I am someone who is very guilty of this on a regular basis. 

Although I know that I am someone who overthinks, Susan broke down why we overthink, and what to do about it. Teaching how to take this destructive behavior, and turn it around. 

It is definitely going to take some work for myself - but I feel this is a book every woman could benefit from. We are worriers by nature. And our worrying leads to overthinking. Our overthinking can lead to irrational actions - that can destroy our job, relationships, self and future. 

A must read. 

That wraps up January. Now onto February. 

I often times get asked how I plan out my monthly reading. And it really depends. There are some months I love to dig into a single topic. This can be very constructive to really dig deeper into topics - and be able to spend a solid amount of time thinking through your ideas. 

Then there are other months {like January} where I jump around a lot - reading some books I have been meaning to get to for some time. 

I am a big pusher of theme months - but sometimes you just need those months where you read a little bit of everything so you can get to those books that have been begging you to read them!

happy reading.