what might this look like if it were easy? tips to add ease back into your daily life


This week I listened to a podcast with @timferris and @ariannahuffington {check out @thriveglobal’s podcast}. At the beginning of the podcast Tim was talking about his morning routine of mediating and journaling. And he explained that when he wakes up feeling anxious or overwhelmed - he asks himself the question:

{what might this look like if it were easy?}

This question hit me hard.

If you are really pursuing life with passion. Pursing your purpose. Pursuing your full potential. Pursuing your life’s work. Shouldn’t it be easy? 

When we know that we are on the correct path - when we are doing exactly what we know we should be doing - shouldn’t it be easier? 

Too often, this is actually quite far from the truth. We force our way through our days. Force ourselves to the point where we want to be. Making things hard. 

This question helped to put things back into perspective. Too often we make things harder than they need to be - out of stress, fear, worry, or overwhelm. 

But when we know we are on the right path - there should be some feeling of ease. Not that it should be easy. Pursuing passion and purpose requires hard work and dedication. 

But rather a calming sense of ease - knowing you are where you need to be. 

In light of this new insight, here are my 3 tops ways to bring a sense of ease back into your daily pursuit: 

01. Visualize

When we are feeling anxious or overwhelmed it is so easy to just close our eyes and envision what is might look like if it were easy. Visualize the ideal. Feel it. And know that it is possible. 

Taking a moment to stop fearing the future - and rather look forward to it with an easy excitement. Seeing every step we will take, every obstacle we will overcome, until finally landing at our end goal. 

Or perhaps it is about bringing ease back into a life that has become forced and hard. Close your eyes and envision a time when things were easy. See yourself in a state of clam and peace. 

By simply taking just a moment to visualize things with greater ease, we can completely shift our perspective and the way we approach our day to day life. 

02. You have a choice mantra

This is one of the biggest reminders we all need to hear when things become forced. 

We have a choice to approach our life with ease, or with hurried discomfort. Choose to trade anxious overwhelm for calm ease.

Even when things seem overwhelming. You always have a choice to choose the emotions you hang on to. Choose calm and ease instead of anxious worry. 

Use the mantra: 
I release anxious worry. I choose calm ease. 

03. Take a break

When things get overwhelming our first instinct is to power forward. To push on, regardless of what stands in our way. 

And although it is good to push ourselves forward - we can sometimes fall into overwhelm quicksand. The harder we try to push through, we simply sink deeper and deeper into anxious worry. 

When you find yourself in one of these times - it is best to take a break. 

This may seem impossible when you are overwhelmed by a to-do list. But without giving ourselves breaks - without accepting that grace is part of the process - we will stop moving forward in life and continue to sink down into the quicksand. 

When you lose your sense of ease, remind yourself: 
Grace is part of the process. 

We all love vacations - and I encourage everyone to take at least one a year. But there are going to be other times when we need a break throughout the year. One of the best ways to find some rest can be to show ourselves a little self love. 

Take yourself out to lunch. Go to the spa. Take a nap.

Spend one entire day doing everything you want for yourself - and not just worrying about everyone else (this can be a hard one - but give it a try sometimes. Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It is selfless. By taking care of YOU first - you are better equipped to take care of others - making you a better parent, a better spouse, a better friend, and a better employee.)

04. Do something different

We have all felt those times throughout our day when it seems like we are working as hard as we can and just aren't getting anywhere. Or maybe you keep trying to get that next thing ticked off your to-do list but you just can not get into the right headspace. 

Do something different. 

This was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn when I started working for myself. I was always determined to power through my to-do list as quickly as possible each day - but sometimes it just wasn't happening. 

I would continue to force myself through work - leading to limited productivity and complete burnout by the end of the day. 

One of the best things I ever learned - was how to stop doing what isn't working - and try something else. 

You may need to get that report written by 5pm - but if the juices just aren't flowing at noon, take a walk through the park, and try again in 2 hours. Even though you are losing precious work time - odds are you won't get much accomplished when you are trying to force it anyways.

But by taking a break, and coming back to the task refreshed, more often than not you will be able to work faster, with greater ease

Another great way to shake things up is to change your environment. Get out of your office, out of your house - and try a new environment.

Changing up our scenery can do amazing things for our productivity and creativity. Not to mention it can completely recharge our body and mind. 


Even the best of us have days where things just feel forced. It is a hard skill to learn to recognize these times before they consume us - and instead show ourselves a little bit of grace.