past circumstances, ideas and fears do not determine your future


free yourself from the bind of who think you used to be.

An issue I often see is the internal struggle of feeling trapped or constricted by past circumstances. As if where we were born, who raised us, and every idea, fear, and thing that has happened up until this point, has some form of cosmic control over our lives. 

I promise you this is not true. 

The universe does not take your prior understandings and bind you to them for eternity. We all have a chance for growth, and at times redemption. 

Our learned habits can seem binding at times. I have found that many things I learned early in life, I in turn had to un-learn later. Whether the be work habits, life habits, personal priorities, irrational fears, or just how to live life in general. 

When we are younger, you are immensely influenced by everyone around us. Parents, siblings, caregivers, teachers, neighbors, that guys are the grocery store. Everyone we come in contact with has a change to impact us. They help for our neural pathways that help determine our future self. 

But that doesn't mean we can't change.

An astounding amount of psychological and neurological research had come out in the past years that proves the plasticity of our brain. Our brains ability to learn, un-learn, and in fact grow and change. 

This gives me the peace of mind and confidence to know that none of us have been pre-programmed. We are not bound by what may seem instinctively set within us. We have the ability to re-adapt ourselves to live within the constructs of the life we want, not just the life we are currently living. 

If you are naturally timid, you can learn to be brave. If you are naturally scatterbrained, you can learn to be organizationally conscious (I'm still working on this one).

We can reset our mental presets, much like reseting the presets on our radio. It may take a great deal of time, but we can always change. 

Too often we use these past influences and ideas as excuses. Claiming that we are in fact incapable of this or that. "I'm bad at math." "I'm not disciplined enough." "I need this." "I'm not good at that."

But none of these are hard facts. Yes we all have strengths and weaknesses, but why not change them? A lot of the time we do not in fact have a weakness, but have rather constructed the idea of a weakness for ourselves. And we have full capacity to change our thoughts. 

Because they are just that, thoughts. Assumptions that we have about our natural or un-natural abilities. These ruminating thoughts become our reality, whether they measure up to reality or not.

It is much easier to blame our circumstances, rather than take responsibility for our future. Or is it? 

"The extend to which you fulfill your hidden calling depends on how you respond to the challenges you meet along the way. No matter where you live, and whether you are born into poverty or privilege, you still have the responsibility, opportunity, and the capacity to reach toward the highest light within you. But take to heart the higher truth your life is unfolding as it should. We cannnot predict, force, where our paths may lead - but we can bring a measure of grace to the journey with each small step." - Dan Millman, The Four Purposes of Life

Whether you feel trapped by your learned habits, or find yourself using them as a crutch for not pursuing a dream, you are the only one who can decide to change and adapt. 

Your ultimate human potential is out there waiting for you to reach out and grab it. Don't let past circumstances, habits, ideas and fears hold you back from becoming who you may be.