isn't this all temporary anyways?



The issue of fear comes up more than anything else in my life. Both personally, and with those I interact with. The fear of doing. The fear of starting something new. The feat of taking a leap, of chasing a vision, or reaching a goal. We are consumed by constant fear. 

For me, I think it is this sense of "well if I do that, can I go back?" As if every leap we choose to take is a completely permanent outcome, that can never be erased or reversed. 

To some degree, yes, you can never go back in time. If you make a decision, that decision will stand in that very moment, forever. But that doesn't mean you can't change the course of things once you have started. 

Once you start a new adventure, just like a captain of a ship, you have to make slight adjustments as you go to deal with factors outside of your control. No one who ever tried something new had a perfect road map. 

But the reality of this permanent mindset seems to be a bit foolish. We all know that our time here on earth is limited. I don't mean this in a morbid sense, it's just the way it is. So if we are essentially temporary beings in the grander scheme of life, aren't all of our decisions temporary as well? 

At first, this notion may be unsettling. But at the same time, I find it completely freeing. I head a quote the other day that in 150 years not a single living human on the planet will still be alive. 

This thought is quite striking. I think 150 may be slightly bold, but with modern day science, who knows, today's babies may just live to be 150. 

That means that in 150 years, no one is going to care that you quit your job, to start a business, that ended up being a flop. 

When you think about it for a while, it can really start to free your fears. When you start to adopt that "Oh what the hell, it's now of never" attitude, big things start to happen. Or at least have the chance of happening. You can't fail (or succeed) at something until you in fact start. 

Once we remove our expectations of certain outcomes, and our fear of permanence, and remember that everything in life is fleetingly temporary, it frees us to just live

So you hate your job? You want to quit and start your dream business? Why the hell not, there is no time like the present. You have a dream of going back to school? Or traveling the world? Or starting a family? What are you waiting for? 

Like I always say, you only get to live today once. So LIVE. Live like it's all just a big temporary beautiful disaster. If you fail, pick yourself up ad trying something else crazy. 

Life is too short to be scared. To be scared of failing. To be scared of what those around you think. To be scared of not being able to go back, to hit rewind, to have regret. 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to live my life in a constant loop of fearing doing, and therefore not actually doing  anything with my life. I am going to live. I am going to follow my impulses, my big ideas, my gut instincts, my intuition. 

I may not have the most money in the world. I may not make everyone around me happy. People may think I'm absolutely crazy, But by doing what I'm doing, I could have a huge impact, even just on a few people. Isn't that worth putting everything on the line? 

You only get one shot at this. And remember, it's all just a temporary roller coaster. So buck up beautiful, and find your inner lion. All you need is just the slightest inclination of bravery to get started.